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  • 2000

    Gas pack shrink wrapping machine FX3410G/B announced. Business alliance with SIG packaging company.

  • 2001

    New FUJI MACHINERY Hiroo Building completed.

    High speed vertical pillow packaging machine FW7700HS announced.

    Stretch shrink wrapping machine FW3462 announced. Manju wrapping machine FW-110 announced.

  • 2002

    Stretch wrapping machines FP40A and FP35 announced.

    Compact horizontal pillow packaging machine FW3300/B announced. Mino Plant factories increase. Vertical four-way seal packaging machine FW7700U/FS announced. Horizontal pillow packaging machine αIIb series announced.

  • 2003

    Compact horizontal reverse pillow packaging machine FW3300BS/B announced. Shrink wrapping machine FW3451AN announced.

  • 2004

    FUJI MACHINEFIT CO.,LTD. established. Shrink wrapping machine FW3451ANB announced. Vertical pillow packaging machine FW73 announced. Shrink wrapping machine FW3451AN2 announced.

    Horizontal pillow packaging machine α wrapper series VI is announced.

  • 2005

    French subsidiary FUJI PACKAGING MACHINES SAS established. Horizontal pillow packaging machine FW3200 series announced.

  • 2005

    Aichi World Expo Ce-Pa Interleague begins. Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Blogs become popular.

  • 2006

    Intermittent pillow packaging machine FW280 announced.

  • 2007

    Capital participation in Formost Fuji, U.S.A. Vertical pillow packaging machine FW7700N announced.

  • 2008

    FUJI MACHINERY recognized as an Aichi Quality Company in Aichi Prefecture. (Approved number 431)

    FUJI PACK SYSTEM CO.,LTD. established with \50,000,000 of capital.

  • 2008

    Beijing Olympics held. iPhone goes on sale. Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Rear seat seatbelts worn.

  • 2009

    New 5-floor building completed in Nagoya Plant.

    FUJI MACHINERY was chosen as one of the 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs by METI Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

    Compact high speed horizontal pillow packaging machine FW3401/B announced.

- 2000 -


  • 2010

    Singapore subsidiary FUJI PACKAGING MACHINES ASIA PTE, LTD. established. Selected as an Automobile Ecological Plant.

    Horizontal pillow packaging machine α wrapper series VII is announced.

  • 2011

    α wrapper VII awarded Aichi Environmental Award Nagoya Mayor Prize. Compact horizontal pillow packaging machine FW3301II/B announced.

  • 2012

    α wrapper VII awarded 2011 Japan Machinery Federation Energy-Efficient Machinery Award JMF's President Award. Awarded 2012 Intellectual Property Achievement Award Japan Patent Office Director General Award. Sapporo Office relocated.

  • 2012

    Tokyo Skytree opens. Kyoto University professor Shinya Yamanaka awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

  • 2013

    Hiroshima Office established. Awarded Chubu Science and Technology Celebration and Promotion Award for work improvement and reduction of packaging defects with FVS.

  • 2014

    Fukuoka Office relocated.

  • 2015

    Nagoya Second Plant established.

  • 2016

    Awarded 2016 Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

  • 2017

    Capital reduced to \94,776,450.
    Ehime Office established.
    Sendai Office relocated.
    Hamamatsu Office established.
    Niigata Office relocated.

- 2010 -

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